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Welcome to the Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. This is the only scholarly quarterly refereed journal devoted exclusively to college student retention issues. The Journal features articles pertaining to current and new theoretical constructs and current research on student retention in higher education. The Journal also provides practitioners a forum to highlight and disseminate to the educational community current practices, programs and services which help students persist through academic and personal goal attainment.

Editorial Board

The Journal has a distinguished Editorial Board from a wide range of educational institutions. They include: Peter Armacost, Alexander Astin, Robert Atwell, John Bean, John Braxton, James Collins, Don G. Creamer, K. Patricia Cross, Charles Eberly, Joseph N. Hankin, Cynthia Johnson, D. Bruce Johnstone, David Kalsbeek, Francis Mertz, Amaury Nora, Ernest T. Pascarella, Arthur Sandeen, John Schuh, Vincent Tinto, M. Lee Upcraft, and Linda Serra Hagedorn, Book Review Editor.

Submitting a Manuscript

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for publication consideration please use the navigation at the top of the page and click on About the Journal. This will bring you to the About the Journal page which will provide you with usefull information prior to submitting a manuscript.

If you decide to submit a manuscript you will need to log into the system. If you have never Registered you will have to do so now. Simply click on the Register button in the top menu. Once registered click on author and you will be prompted through the five (5) simple steps to upload your manuscript. If you have any questions or concerns about the process please feel free to contact me.

Author and reviewer tutorial

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The Journal is fortunate to have many highly qualified volunteer reviwers. It is their valuable and timely reviews that guide the editor in the selection of quality and relevant manuscripts for publication. A list of reviewers who have reviewed at least one manuscript since June 2009 when this web based system was established can be found by going to About, Other, Reviewer Index.

Becoming a Reviewer

Becoming a reviewer can provide you with an exciting professional experience. A reviewer will receive and review cutting edge articles on retention and attrition. For information VISIT


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